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What is creative independence?

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Creative Independence is the ability to express yourself without the need for approval or external validation. To make the things that YOU want to make on your own terms, without compromise.

Our culture is fixated on financial independence, leading a lot of well-meaning people (like me!) to find themselves trapped working more than ever to build a future where they work less...but what if we just started there?

I believe we pursue financial independence so that we can actually experience creative independence – a life of choice and creative expression.

You can start living a life of creative independence today. And I'm here to help get you started down that path and walk beside you the whole way.

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Creative Elements podcast

Creative Elements explores how your favorite creators do what they do.

Through narrative interviews, Jay Clouse dives into the nitty-gritty of how the world's best creators like Seth Godin, James Clear, Austin Kleon, and Lauren Hom make a living from their art and creativity. You'll hear the specific elements of their personality, style, or approach that have helped them thrive – elements like focus, vulnerability, revision, and constraints.

By learning how these creators make a living with their art and creativity, you'll gain the tools and confidence to do the same.

Creative Elements has nearly 1 million downloads and hundreds of 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts.

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Creative Elements podcast

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👋 Hey! I'm

Jay Clouse

I'm writer, podcaster, course creator, and more! Basically your typical multi-hyphenate-slashie-creator.

Before I was a creator, I was into startups. I've been fortunate to have sold two companies and invested in a few others.

I am fortunate to spend all of my time working on creative projects that I love. And I want to help lift YOU towards creative independence too.

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