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What is a creator brand?

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To make this whole creator thing work and support you financially, you need to build what I call a creator brand.

Your creator brand is the encapsulation of all your content across platforms, your products, your services, etc.

It's everything you've made, everything you offer, the way you show up online, and all the systems supporting you.

As you build and develop your creative platform, you're creating a flywheel for your entire business.

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Creative Elements podcast

Creator Science explores how to succeed as a professional content creator.

Each week, Creator Science digs into the details of how creators are finding success today. Not what worked 2, 5, or 10 years ago, but specific strategies and tactics that are working TODAY.

You’ll hear conversations with some of today’s top professional creators including James Clear, Ali Abdaal, Tim Urban, and Codie Sanchez.

You'll also hear firsthand experiments and actionable advice from me as I document how I earn more than $500,000 per year as a professional creator myself.

Creator Science (formerly Creative Elements) is a Signal Award-winning podcast and part of the HubSpot Podcast Network, the audio destination for business professionals.

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Creator Science podcast

Featured Guests

Seth Godin
James Clear
Tim Urban of Wait But Why
Matt D'Avella on Creative Elements
Vanessa Van Edwards
Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland on Creative Elements
David Perell of Write of Passage
Jordan Harbinger on Creative Elements
Austin Kleon of Steal Like An Artist
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Roberto Blake on Creative Elements

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Jay Clouse

I'm writer, podcaster, course creator, and more! Basically your typical multi-hyphenate-slashie-creator.

Before I was a creator, I was into startups. I've been fortunate to have sold two companies and invested in a few others.

I am fortunate to spend all of my time working on creative projects that I love. And I want to help lift YOU towards creative independence too.

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