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You’ve probably heard someone say that ideas are a dime a dozen and execution is what matters. And if you’re like me, you have new ideas all the time.

I get ideas from everywhere: running, podcasts, conversations, and the work that other people are doing. And often, I know the idea is worth pursuing and could make a meaningful impact on my work.

I’m not really talking about huge, long-term business ideas. My point certainly applies to big ideas, but I’m talking about the small ideas. The small projects that you know you could get done if you just knew where to start.

For me, those things are always intimidating. Here’s a short list of the things that have scared the shit out of me but I knew I wanted to do:

  • Rebuild my website in WordPress
  • Create a Mailchimp automation from that website
  • Open an LLC + bank account (the official business stuff)
  • Organize a large scale community event
  • Organize my first Unreal working group
  • Sell coaching/consulting services
  • Write an ebook/guide to offer as a resource

And that’s just a snapshot.

I accomplished all of those things, but I was super intimidated to get them started. And I’ve learned that everything is scary the first time because of the unknown, but ultimately rarely as difficult as I assume.

Take the ebook I shared yesterday: that took me nearly a month to just get started once I decided it was something I wanted to do. But now that I’ve written it and wired it up for email automation, I’ll create future guides in a fraction of the time.

And that’s the secret of the folks you’re looking up to right now who create work you respect. It was scary for them the first time they were doing it too. But once it’s been done once, it can be done over and over again with no fear and much less time. They have a lot of “first times” under their belt, and those results compound.

My next personal challenge is running a live webinar highlighting and featuring a member of Unreal Collective. I’ve never run a webinar, and it’s taken me a month to get the ball rolling. But I know there is massive upside and once I get this first one done I’ll be able to create a series easily.

Whatever you’re staring down and afraid to get started – just start by knocking over the first domino. Put the wheels in motion so that you have no choice but to press forward. Chances are, people no smarter than you have done it before. You can too!