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Technically, I should’ve shared these recommendations yesterday. But technically, I can also do whatever I want!*

As always, these are the coolest pieces of content (audio, video, articles, books) that I discovered or rediscovered in July. It’s incredibly subjective to my taste, so I’d love to hear which of these resonate with you personally. Talk to you tomorrow!


*To be honest, I lost track of the day.



  1. May I Have This Dance by Francis and the Lights
  2. Friends feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West by Francis and the Lights
  3. How Eminem was discovered by Dr. Dre (from the Defiant Ones)
  4. The age of outrospection
  5. Nobody Speak (documentary on Netflix)


  1. Why we need strong towns (Tropical MBA)
  2. The First 4 Years Podcast
  3. The keys to a great love life (Matthew Hussey on Lewis Howes)


  1. Watch the Hands, Not the Cards — The Magic of Megabrew (Good Beer Hunting)
  2. Brainstorming doesn’t work (Fast Company)
  3. I’m tired of watching brown men fall in love with white women on screen (Jezebel)
  4. What was I thinking? (New Yorker)
  5. Framing the issues: UC Berkeley professor George Lakoff tells how conservatives use language to dominate politics (UCBerkeleyNews 2003)
  6. AI is inventing languages humans can’t understand (Fast Company Design)


  1. The Coaching Habit by Michael Stanier
  2. You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero