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We spend a lot of time selling ourselves.

You sell yourself to potential clients, partners, employers, followers, and friends.

We’re constantly putting ourselves out there as someone worth taking a chance on.

And, inevitably, we win people over. They decide to tune in, follow along, work with us, and even pay us.

…and the cycle begins again.

It’s not easy to convince someone to take a chance on you! Especially early on.

And yet, with the odds already stacked against us, we usually make it even harder on ourselves.

Here’s the thing: the easiest people to win over are those we already have.

So if you’re running a business, the easiest customers to serve are those who have already bought from you.

The easiest readers to convince to read your writing are those who have already subscribed.

The easiest clients to convince to work with you are those who already have.

But we get so fixated on the next client, the next customer, the next subscriber. 

And it comes at the expense of those who have already taken a chance on us.

Our clients don’t renew, or don’t sign new projects.

Our customers never buy from us again.

Our “audience” unsubscribes and unfollows.

So instead of focusing on getting the next [fill in the blank], focus on being the best for those people you already serve.

The best partner.

The best service-provider.

The best creator.

When people love working with you, they will find new ways to work together.

When people love what you do for them, they will talk about it to others.

Instead of running on this treadmill of finding the next – they will come to you, because your customers, partners, and supporters have created a mythology around you.

And it’s SO MUCH EASIER than you think!

A few of the best ways to make people love working with you:

  • Do great work
  • Deliver your work on time (or early!)
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Be kind
  • Fall on the sword – even if it’s not your sword
  • Make the other person look like a hero

If you do those things, you will be head and shoulders above the competition.

The bar for reliability is shockingly low.

It’s never been easier to exceed expectations.

So make that your goal – not finding the next [fill in the blank].