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I’m a planner. I think part of the reason I plan so much is because I’m cynical.

But also because I’m afraid.

Afraid to ship the thing and afraid to put myself out there to other people. Sure, I ship one of these emails every day and I’ve launched several projects, but that fear doesn’t go away. It’s right there with me every single day.

What should I write about today? Is it time to finally write that article that has a political lean to it? No…not today. People won’t like that.

I’m exhausted…maybe I’ll write that short piece I have on reserve about starting your day with some quick wins. No, they’ll think you’re mailing it in with a short piece.

I had both of those thoughts sitting down to write this very piece, but that’s typical. On any given day, I am “dancing with the Resistance (Lizard Brain).”

And so many days, I plan. I overplan. I brace myself for the worst. As Mark Twain said, “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

But then I ship.

And I ship because even the best laid plans are completely worthless without action. They sit as a sunk cost collecting dust on a shelf, lose relevance, and worse – they lose momentum.

If planning helps you dance with the lizard brain, go ahead and plan. But to move forward, you need to then take massive action.