So a little bit about me


I once ran an organization into the ground.

Early in my college career, I undertook the challenge of leading Ohio State’s long-running satirical newspaper, The Sentinel. My team failed to print or distribute a single issue, and The Sentinel has completely ceased to exist.

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I used the lessons and scars of that experience to lead an organization serving entrepreneurs.


Startup Weekend

I’ve organized and now facilitate Startup Weekend events nationally. In just 54 hours, you experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure of life at a startup. As you learn how to create a company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started.

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I serve young professionals and community leaders too.


Create Columbus Commission

I lead a team within the Create Columbus Commission. The Create Columbus Commission is a board of young professionals, appointed by the Mayor and City Council President to serve as the community’s foremost thought leader on young professional interests, experiences, and priorities.

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Meanwhile, I was following my calling to entrepreneurship.


Joining the founding team and selling Tixers.

Tixers was a digital ticket secondary marketplace and a member of the UpTech Accelerator second class. We sold the company to OneUp Sports in 2015.

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After the exit, I wanted to grow my product and leadership skillset.


Building software products at CrossChx.

I knew I still had a lot to learn. I went back to ‘Startup University’ and joined CrossChx, a venture-backed startup, where I had the opportunity to lead product and sales teams.

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Now I help extraordinary people kick ass and achieve big goals.


Unreal Collective

Unreal Collective is a focused 12-week, online workshop for taking action on the idea, project, or business you’re excited about.

Together, we create an action plan to get you from Point A to Point B and achieve your goals.

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Last thing – I write a newsletter about reaching your potential too.


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People tell me they love my writing because it’s personal, honest, and gives them a positive boost to start their day. Others say it helps them do better work.

It’ll help you operate at a higher level too.