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Riding a bicycle in first gear

In building a businessby Jay Clouse

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been doing a lot lately. Producing and premiering a film, launching the courses inside Freelancing School, producing a 2x weekly podcast, writing another course for Linkedin, and working on a second podcast (shhh)… It feels like a bit of a hamster wheel. I really like an analogy I heard recently, that flywheels start as hamster …

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re-thinking risk

In building a business, freelancing, inspiration, motivationby Jay Clouse

I was interviewed on The Video Community podcast recently, and the topic of risk came up. It comes up a lot in interviews with entrepreneurs, because starting your own business or working for yourself is risky. But is it? We’ve all been shown different paths. Growing up, going through college, or talking to a mentor…we are constantly being shown “the …

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sell your first cup of coffee

In building a business, learning, salesby Jay Clouse

I love new ideas. New ideas provide that beautiful breath of fresh air from whatever wall you’ve been banging your head into. A glimpse into a new world! I was sitting on a panel last week with Ryan McManus, the founder of SHARE. He told a story about one of his first business ventures — a coffee shop. He fell …

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design your life by designing your day

In building a business, freelancing, interviewby Jay Clouse

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people who are at an inflection point. They are usually stressed, or anxious, which I totally get. Been there. Am there. There’s a lot of pressure we put on ourselves for picking the right path. For making the best choice. But what does that really mean? Best is a relative term. Nashville …

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it takes time to become technically good

In building a business, deep thoughts, inspiration, learning, motivation, productivityby Jay Clouse

Last week I wrote about how easy it is to see the exceptional. The example I gave was Evan Spiegel, the then-23-year-old founder of Snapchat, or Mark Zuckerberg…but there is a standard distribution curve for ability in anything you’re interested in. Those at the far right of the distribution curve – people with abnormal results – are very few, but …

Launching and a new sense of empathy

In building a business, inspiration, learning, marketingby Jay Clouse

One night in August 2012, I felt completely defeated. I had been working all summer towards the launch of my first startup, MarketOSU. It was a simple idea – basically Craigslist for Ohio State students that required a student email to create an account. For months, I had been marketing an August 20th launch date for the website, and checking …