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Now is the time

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “The Cobbler’s kids have no shoes?” It perfectly encapsulates reality for so many of us who work with clients. We do AWESOME work for other people – but when it comes to our own assets, we fall flat. You see it with designers who haven’t put time into their own brand. Or copywriters who haven’t …

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Hiding from your own ideas

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I’ve done a ton of work on the design and content on my websites this week. And I have to say, they’re looking really great. But honestly, I’m pretty angry with myself. I shouldn’t have been spending so much time tweaking and pixel pushing my websites this week. Actually, I had one major goal for myself that I barely even …

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How to solve a puzzle

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Ever since Mallory and I visited Joshua Tree back in November, we’ve gotten more interested in puzzles – and I’m talking about literal jigsaw puzzles. Over Christmas, we picked out a 1000-piece puzzle and were pretty quickly overwhelmed. When you first look at the box and you see the photo, you think, “Oh wow this is going to be fun!” …

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Being open before you’re stuck

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I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with friends and clients about being at a fork in the road or transition point. Some of them aren’t even at the crossroads now, but looking down the road knowing that one will be coming. The question has generally been the same: “What path should I take?” The hardest time to make a …

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biding or buying your time

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A friend of mine shared a conversation he had with a filmmaker for Netflix. The filmmaker said that he focused on spending 40% of his time on paid, commercial work, and 60% of his time on his own creative projects. Ironically, the creative projects were what led to most of his clients anyway. I’ve been thinking about this story more and …

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the movie that never was

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I just finished watching season two of Barry on HBO (which I highly recommend). So when I saw that Bill Hader was touring around some major podcasts, I made it a point to listen. Bill started his career on SNL (he’s the guy who does a lot of voices and plays Stefon) and became close friends with John Mulaney while …