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your ambition as a domino

In creativity, deep thoughts, inspiration, motivation by Jay Clouse

I think we all played with dominos as a kid. There’s something satisfying about setting up a perfect design, then knocking over the first piece and seeing a chain reaction take effect. But this week I came across the actual math and physics behind dominos, and it kind of blew my mind. Usually we see a chain of identical dominos falling …

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biding or buying your time

In creativity, inspiration, motivation by Jay Clouse

A friend of mine shared a conversation he had with a filmmaker for Netflix. The filmmaker said that he focused on spending 40% of his time on paid, commercial work, and 60% of his time on his own creative projects. Ironically, the creative projects were what led to most of his clients anyway. I’ve been thinking about this story more and …

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the movie that never was

In creativity, inspiration by Jay Clouse

I just finished watching season two of Barry on HBO (which I highly recommend). So when I saw that Bill Hader was touring around some major podcasts, I made it a point to listen. Bill started his career on SNL (he’s the guy who does a lot of voices and plays Stefon) and became close friends with John Mulaney while …

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appealing to the discerning eye

In creativity, learning, personal brand, relationships by Jay Clouse

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a lot of noise around us. HEY LOOK OVER HERE CHECK OUT THIS SALE WHAT IF WE PUT AN INFLUENCER BEHIND IT? ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME NOW? In relative terms, this environment is incredibly new to us. The amount of information we’re taking in all the time is unbelievable — and a huge increase …

good to great

In building a business, creativity, deep thoughts, inspiration, motivation by Jay Clouse

I’ve been sort of joking for a while that there are a couple things I really like — coffee and sushi — but I’m really not much of an expert. I’ve told people, “I know what’s bad and what’s good…but I can’t really taste a difference between good coffee and great coffee. I don’t have the palette.” And that’s fine …

active thinking

In creativity, deep thoughts, inspiration, learning, motivation by Jay Clouse

As I’ve written about nearly to death over the last month, I’ve been spending the majority of my time writing! It’s surreal to effectively be a full-time course author while Unreal is sort of in “off-season mode” before the next cohort starts in January. When I’m writing the script for a video, there are a few considerations: What is/are the …

the case for support

In creativity, deep thoughts, motivation, relationships, upside by Jay Clouse

Back in 2014-15, I was busy building and running a ticket marketplace called Tixers. A lot of the time, it was really in-the-weeds and miserable work. Not only was it rough work, but there weren’t a lot of people I could talk to and relate over it. So it was during this time that I really became close to my …