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Life is a single player game – be a power up

In deep thoughts, inspiration, motivation by Jay Clouse

The internet is full of quotes (and Tweets) from everyone’s favorite investor-turned-philosopher, Naval Ravikant. One I came across recently speaks to the way people approach living their lives: Life is a single player game. You’re born alone. You’re going to die alone. All of your interpretations are alone. All your memories are alone. You’re gone in three generations and no …

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embracing acute stress

In deep thoughts, inspiration, motivation by Jay Clouse

It’s late July, and I have distant memories of an intense month of May. I remember it being intense, but at the time, I probably would have described it as “very stressful.” That’s the benefit of time — as time passes, I don’t truly remember what felt, in the moment, “very stressful” and difficult. I remember it being a highly …

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your ambition as a domino

In creativity, deep thoughts, inspiration, motivation by Jay Clouse

I think we all played with dominos as a kid. There’s something satisfying about setting up a perfect design, then knocking over the first piece and seeing a chain reaction take effect. But this week I came across the actual math and physics behind dominos, and it kind of blew my mind. Usually we see a chain of identical dominos falling …

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it takes time to become technically good

In building a business, deep thoughts, inspiration, learning, motivation, productivity by Jay Clouse

Last week I wrote about how easy it is to see the exceptional. The example I gave was Evan Spiegel, the then-23-year-old founder of Snapchat, or Mark Zuckerberg…but there is a standard distribution curve for ability in anything you’re interested in. Those at the far right of the distribution curve – people with abnormal results – are very few, but …

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the hidden danger of negative thoughts

In deep thoughts, inspiration by Jay Clouse

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably seen me reference the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, otherwise known as selective attention. It’s why you notice other people wearing your coat, someone driving a car that’s the same model as yours, or ads targeting something you were just talking about. We prime our own brains to pay closer attention to …

waiting for the inevitable

In deep thoughts, learning, productivity by Jay Clouse

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to spend time around the people I spend time around. A lot of driven, intelligent, and caring people. Most of them are in the often-attacked, “millennial” generation. And we get a bad rap for a lot of things — being “lazy” or “entitled” or …

10 days of silence (part two)

In deep thoughts, inspiration, learning, motivation, stories by Jay Clouse

In case you missed it, I recently took part in a 10-day silent meditation retreat. On November 27, I took on the 11+ hour drive through the snow and ice to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, to the first Vipassana Meditation Center in North America. I stayed there for a 10-day course, ending on December 9 (last Sunday) when I drove back. …

10 days of silence (part one)

In deep thoughts, inspiration, learning, stories by Jay Clouse

I’m about to do something very cool. On Tuesday, I’m driving to a Vipassana Meditation center for a 10-day silent retreat. I’ve been trying to go on one of these retreats for three years now, and I’m stoked that it’s finally actually happening. The reactions I’ve gotten from talking to people about it have been mixed, to put it mildly. …

good to great

In building a business, creativity, deep thoughts, inspiration, motivation by Jay Clouse

I’ve been sort of joking for a while that there are a couple things I really like — coffee and sushi — but I’m really not much of an expert. I’ve told people, “I know what’s bad and what’s good…but I can’t really taste a difference between good coffee and great coffee. I don’t have the palette.” And that’s fine …

active thinking

In creativity, deep thoughts, inspiration, learning, motivation by Jay Clouse

As I’ve written about nearly to death over the last month, I’ve been spending the majority of my time writing! It’s surreal to effectively be a full-time course author while Unreal is sort of in “off-season mode” before the next cohort starts in January. When I’m writing the script for a video, there are a few considerations: What is/are the …