holding space

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When I started in undergrad at Ohio State, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (does any 19 year old?) so I joined their Undecided program, which they call “Exploration.” I remember having a discussion with my Exploration Advisor (shout out to Stephanie) who told me, “Exploration isn’t a magic bean. Being in this program …

protecting myself from myself

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You probably know what it’s like to feel like you’re seeing opportunity all the time. Maybe it’s your own idea, or someone else bringing you an opportunity, but it seems like when we’re open to it, opportunity is surrounding us. But every time we say yes to an opportunity, we’re implicitly saying no to another. So if you’re like me, …


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There isn’t much people enjoy getting more than appreciation. It doesn’t cost you anything to give, neither time nor money, and it’s virtually impossible to give too much of it. Hey, thank you for ____. I noticed you did ____, and I really appreciate that. With such a powerful gift at the ready at all times, why not give more?

Robin Williams performed Shakespeare

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A couple weeks ago, I went on a real Robin Williams biographical binge. I listened to podcasts before and after his death, watched interviews on YouTube, and watched the new HBO Documentary Come Inside My Mind. It was all fascinating to me — I think I’ve written about my interest in comedy and entertainment enough I don’t need to dive …

good writing is made in the edit

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The more that I write, whether for this newsletter, my Linkedin Learning courses, or otherwise, the more I am reminded that good work is made during the editing phase. The problem is that getting started is the hardest, most daunting part. It’s the part that takes me the longest to do — actually start word vomiting onto a page. But …

how I learned about subscription boxes

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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a surprising number of conversations about subscription box products. We interviewed a subscription meal kit service on the pod, a couple members of our Unreal Collective Accelerator have been brought it up… And I’ve been able to give a lot of insight and perspective, because I’ve learned about those models. But the story …

the stories we tell ourselves

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For a while (until it wore off) I had an address label on my wallet that I had written on it, “why are you buying this?” When I was at a restaurant or store, I saw several people look at it and laugh. Sure, it did serve a small purpose to make me think about whether or not I should be …

thinking originally

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I love to consume. Love it. I consume movies, podcasts, music, TV, whatever “goods” are — I consume it all. There’s a magical feeling from consuming — the endorphins of having something new (in the case of a product), the smugness of having new talking points for something I know will come up in conversation later, the articulation of experiences …

don’t panic

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I can’t think of a single time that panicking was the right move for me. Not only has panicking never been the right move, it’s never been even remotely helpful. I can certainly think of times I’ve lost my cool and panicked. But in those moments, I didn’t come any closer to a solution. There were no moments of insight …

don’t disqualify yourself

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I’ve had a lot of conversations over the last year with people about their goals, aspirations, and desires. It’s one of my favorite topics to dig into, and by virtue of the work I’ve created for myself, it’s happening more frequently. I’ve noticed a weird pattern, and it’s a behavior that I now try to identify and squash in myself. …