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thinking long term

In relationships, salesby Jay Clouse

You may have heard of the idea of the “10-year overnight success.” It’s nearly cliché at this point, and yet, I don’t think it’s talked about enough. There is a lot of excitement around the beginnings of something. We are enchanted by the potential of a launch. Feeds are full of things that are new and trending. There aren’t a …

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Making good introductions

In relationshipsby Jay Clouse

One of my favorite things to do is introduce someone to someone else. It’s so powerful to bring two people together, knowing that they are going to hit it off and naturally find a way to collaborate. And besides the satisfaction of making a connection, it’s one of the best ways to strengthen your relationships. But so few people proactively …

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appealing to the discerning eye

In creativity, learning, personal brand, relationshipsby Jay Clouse

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a lot of noise around us. HEY LOOK OVER HERE CHECK OUT THIS SALE WHAT IF WE PUT AN INFLUENCER BEHIND IT? ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME NOW? In relative terms, this environment is incredibly new to us. The amount of information we’re taking in all the time is unbelievable — and a huge increase …

the case for support

In creativity, deep thoughts, motivation, relationships, upsideby Jay Clouse

Back in 2014-15, I was busy building and running a ticket marketplace called Tixers. A lot of the time, it was really in-the-weeds and miserable work. Not only was it rough work, but there weren’t a lot of people I could talk to and relate over it. So it was during this time that I really became close to my …

going first

In inspiration, leadership, motivation, relationshipsby Jay Clouse

I’m really lucky to be in Columbus, Ohio. Having been in one major city for the past nearly 10 years, I’ve been able to dig deeply into different communities here, and create a good name for myself in a handful of circles. Because I pushed myself to “network” and volunteer in the community several years ago, it’s actually not very …

the hidden risk of taking advice

In deep thoughts, inspiration, learning, relationshipsby Jay Clouse

Make no mistake, one of the most important factors in my life has been mentorship. But there’s a surreptitious risk to mentorship — and it’s when “advice” isn’t really advice. Sometimes, “advice” is really a veil over self-validation. Instead of giving thoughtful, calculated, and unbiased recommendations based upon personal experience, sometimes people will simply give prescriptive “advice” that you follow …

relationships and infinite games follow up

In inspiration, leadership, learning, relationshipsby Jay Clouse

I got a lot of great feedback on yesterday’s piece related to relationships and finite/infinite games. A little bit of inside baseball, I realized the terms “finite” and “infinite” games may be new to some folks. I borrowed the phrase from a book by James Carse called, Finite and Infinite Games. The phrases are defined on the cover of the …

relationships and infinite games

In building a business, relationships, salesby Jay Clouse

I really can’t overstate the value of relationships. Relationships really make the world go ’round, and they are also (in my opinion) the most fulfilling part of life. I’m blown away by the volume of Linkedin messages and emails I get on a daily basis that jump from zero (I don’t even know this person) to 100 (want to hire …

what do you mean you can’t?

In motivation, relationshipsby Jay Clouse

I take issue with the phrase, “I can’t.” There are a few different meanings behind the phrase, “I can’t:” I am (truly) physically/mentally/emotionally unable I believe I am physically/mentally/emotionally unable I have a conflict and I refuse to prioritize this I have no conflict I just don’t want to In the case of meaning #1, the phrase “I can’t” is acceptable. …