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Unreal Collective has been acquired by Smart Passive Income

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Unreal Collective, my paid community and virtual accelerator, has been acquired by Smart Passive Income. And beginning January 1, 2021, I’ll be stepping into a leadership role with Smart Passive Income (SPI) as Community Experience Director! 🎉 Smart Passive Income is one of the biggest, most respected brands in online business. The founder, Pat Flynn, started SPI in 2008 after …

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going out of your depth

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I felt really dumb this week. Every now and then, I find my way into an event that makes me feel like a total fraud. And this week that was the first annual Capital Camp. Capital Camp is put on by a couple big names in the finance world — Patrick O’Shaughnessy (host of the Invest Like the Best podcast …

simplicity and the magic of experience

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During my 10-day silent meditation course last month, the course instructor beat into our heads where true understanding comes from. The course was structured in such a way that we were intensely practicing the meditation technique for up to 11 hours per day. And every evening, there was a “lecture” where the instructor gave insight into why we were practicing the method the …

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here’s the problem with New Year’s resolutions

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You’ve probably heard that the hottest time for new gym memberships is in January, when people are at the height of their New Year’s resolutions.  There is something about the “new year, new me” mentality that brings a heightened sense of aspiration. This is my time! This is my year! Honestly, I love that mentality. And I think you should …

looking ahead at 2019

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I don’t know about you, but I’m still not quite sure what happened to 2018. We’re sitting here at November 18, and I vividly remember this time last year. Looking forward at the calendar, the next month and a half are going to breeze by. This week I’ll head to my hometown for Thanksgiving with my family, then I’m heading …

exhausting your options

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In February I had the chance to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, TropicalMBA. It was their first shot at a new format, a “consulting” episode where they listen to a business owner talk about their challenges and make some recommendations. I talked about the challenges of running a cyclical, pseudo-service-based business — things like cash flow, …

one year into the journey

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A year ago today, I walked into the office of my job, poured a coffee, and asked the COO if we could sit down and talk. We both knew what was coming next, but it was still tough. I put in my two weeks notice that morning, for reasons that I’ve written about before. (Actually, this post is one of …

why are you doing that?

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I’m seeing a pattern lately, both in my own thinking and the thinking of others, and it’s a confusion of goals. When you’re making an effort to do or create something, you need to be clear on what your goal for doing or creating that thing is. Let me give you an example: I’m starting a podcast to get better …