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For the last couple of months, my car has had its check engine light on.

The thing is, right before my check engine light went on, I had gone to the mechanic. My car had passed all the tests (despite having over 100k miles) and the mechanic said it was in great shape.

So when the check engine light went on, I ignored it and assumed it was error. How could something change so suddenly?

It’s happened before – false alarm, the light goes on, I let it go, and eventually it goes away. But it’s stayed on for a couple of months now and it begs the question if there is something bigger going on that I am not totally aware of. And since being left alone for a couple of months, what if it’s gotten worse?

Now I’m embarrassed and a little afraid to confront it. What if it’s harder to fix than I’m ready to deal with right now? What if I realize I should’ve just confronted it head on in the first place? It’s hard to admit I’m wrong.

At this point, the news isn’t going to get better. It’s time to take a hard look and do what needs to be done – and I may not like the answer. But, I can’t keep ignoring it.

What check engine lights are you ignoring?