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Yesterday I shared a question that was posed to me, “How do you define creativity?” and shared my response:

“I think creativity is the act of birthing thoughts and ideas. They may be inspired by other ideas or things that I see or experience, but when the thoughts and ideas themselves are born from my own brain, I call that creativity.”

I asked you all to share your definitions of creativity, and you didn’t disappoint. I wanted to share some of them with everyone, because I think they are great.

Sean Lane called into my Anchor station to say:

“To make something exist that didn’t exist in the world before. And that could be thoughts or ideas, something physical, a process, product or relationship that didn’t exist before…I think creation and creativity is one of the most powerful things a human can do.”

Christopher Robbins also called into my Anchor station to say:

“So if you believe in the idea that there is no such thing as an original idea, then creativity is simply the combination of collected ideas and thoughts that is then mixed with an individual’s personality. And the result of that combination is this beautiful thing that we call creativity.”

Joey Hendrickson wrote:

“Creativity – the results of the mind, heart, and body working in unison.”

Patrick Beal wrote:

“Creativity results from having the confidence to digest and utilize existing information, ideas, and experiences to generate and express original thoughts.”

And Joseph Kay wrote (truncated):

“Simply put, creativity is the ability to create things. When we simplify the definition in this way, the question becomes one of what it truly means to create. To me, the idea of creation is simply making things.”

Thank you all for playing along and sharing your definitions! It was a fun day reading through so many of them. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more original thoughts and a big announcement.