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It takes courage to share something with the world because some people won’t like it. Some people will reject it and some people will tell you it’s not very good.

They may be right — it may not be very good, or it just may not be for them.

In either case, it will sting and it will make you afraid to share something again — unless you have developed a thick skin.

This is the common advice for dealing with rejection or pursuing something out of your own interest: “You need a thick skin.”

But it’s important to remember that people don’t naturally just have thick skin that can handle rejection, but they develop it.

You build calluses, a literal thick skin, through repetitive friction to protect yourself. The same is true with developing a metaphorical thick skin through the repetitive act of making yourself vulnerable in front of others.

So the first step to creating or doing something on your own is not to have thick skin, but to be willing and agree to develop thick skin.