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In truth, I think the word “launch” is thrown around too willy-nilly.

Launches are still a thing, and have historically been a thing, but I think it connotes a reality most of us don’t have the luxury of living in.

The word “launch” has a feeling of a sort of massive propulsion from 0 to 100 on the drop of a hat. In reality, I’ve never been a part of a launch like that.

For me, it’s been clicking “publish” and then a bunch of one-to-one conversations asking folks to help me share the word.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! We all start somewhere.

Luckily for me at this point, I have grown a (small) audience via email and social media, so when I share the “launch” of a new opportunity, it reaches a larger number of people than it did before. This will only get easier and easier.

But even still, my launches are still small.

Too often I see people simply not create or share their work because they don’t think people will care. They don’t see how they can get it in front of people and connect.

On the flip side, I see a lot of people create something, “launch” it by clicking “publish,” and then get discouraged when people don’t come flocking.

The real thrust comes from having a ton of one-to-one conversations. It’s scary, and time consuming, but it moves the needle. And it only gets easier — you build your communication and marketing channels, and generally build trust with people.

No matter what you’re doing, this is almost certainly the hardest it will ever be.

I listen to a ton of long-form interviews with comedians, and I’ve heard these big names say time and time again that they miss the days when it was just them in a small club. They could say whatever they wanted, really test out any new material, without worrying about their reputation.

I’m still in that small club. You may be too. It’s an amazing gift to create and try and fail and then go back to creating again.

Don’t be worried if your “launch” is small. Or if your “audience” is small. It only gets easier, but you have to get started.