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I can’t think of a single time that panicking was the right move for me.

Not only has panicking never been the right move, it’s never been even remotely helpful.

I can certainly think of times I’ve lost my cool and panicked. But in those moments, I didn’t come any closer to a solution. There were no moments of insight from that panic — in fact, I’m not a psychologist, but I’d bet the feeling of panic actually precludes parts of your brain from performing beneficially.

The cynic may say that “panic” comes from a place of “fear” which has a biological and evolutionary purpose of protection. It may trigger a fight or flight reaction that saves your life.

…in the event of a physical attack, maybe.

But in the year 2018, when our spaces is generally as safe as it’s ever been — panicking serves no real purpose.

So do your best to stay calm, relax, and take your challenges head on with grace. There is nothing more impressive (and endearing) than watching someone handle a very difficult situation calmly and with elegance.

Remembered: you’ve survived everything life has thrown at you thus far.