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I’m working this week from a cabin in Joshua Tree with a couple of friends. We all have our own projects that are in a pretty good spot, but realize that there is a lot of opportunity and different paths forward we could potentially take.

We started the day working through an exercise advocated by Debbie Millman projecting forward and imagining what a future may look like.

But later in the afternoon, joined by another friend of ours who lives within driving distance, we had a discussion based around two questions:

1. What aspect of your business do you hate doing and wish you could stop?

2. What aspect of your business do you love doing and want to do more of?


My own answer was sort of surprising. Lately, I’ve been a little frustrated with my writing. The daily deadline is a grind and time commitment. But worse, I’ve been holding back on some of the things I want to write about.

And worse still, I’m more hesitant to show weakness and fear as I know I’ll eventually come back to this list when applications reopen for the next Unreal micro communities.

People won’t want to sign up for something I’m leading if I’m acknowledging my own fears and weaknesses.

But when we then talked about the things we loved doing the most, my answer was also this writing. The writing in which I share what I want to share even if it doesn’t always put me in a confident and unshakeable light.

The takeaway is that I’m going to take the risk. I’m still actively making strides to make Unreal amazing. I’m putting in extra time for my coaching clients so I can help them be successful.

And at times, I’m going to offer you an opportunity to come on those journeys with me. If my uncertainty creates uncertainty for you about whether a product or service I’m offering is right for you, I hope you’ll start a dialogue with me.

But I don’t want my writing to suck, and I’m not going to censor or fake it.

I started this list as a place where I could be totally transparent and open about what I’m working and struggling through. But now several months in, I feel a pressure to deliver “helpful” “content.”