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Look, I’m a millennial. Some folks would say that means that I’m entitled, over-confident, yada yada yada…but I have a lot of faith in my generation.

We are extremely smart, motivated, and we love to work our asses off.

We’ve been raised with the internet and are wizards at Googling, researching, repurposing, and generally “figuring things out.”

I am totally confident that whatever problem you are faced with, whatever it is you want to achieve, you can absolutely figure it out on your own.

But at what cost?

Sometimes we are so confident in our abilities that we will spend hours, days, or months trying to figure out our own way to solve a problem or way of accomplishing something.

I take an opposite approach almost all of the time. I find someone else who has done it (or is doing it) and leverage their experience right off the bat.

Sometimes that’s just picking up the phone or sending an email. Sometimes (like this week) it’s purchasing access to someone else’s methods to find the best stuff they do and implementing it myself.

I could figure out and invent ways to improve my product or service, or I could walk through the product and services of other people and use that to guide my actions.

Because when you purchase the access and thoughtware of someone else who is doing work you admire, you uncover things that aren’t even related to the problem you’re trying to solve. You find new best practices and things you can adopt or interpret in ways that you literally couldn’t have imagined before seeing it.

And the time you gain by shortcutting the learning process is an incremental gain that can have exponential results.

As you probably guessed, this is another core tenet to Unreal Collective. By meeting with a community of 5 individuals every week, and being part of a larger collective, you can grow your knowledge and understanding by leaps and bounds. What is that worth to you?