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An undercurrent of my day to day is thinking about the impending new cycle of members for Unreal Collective. I’m constantly thinking,

  • How do I create marketing channels to share my message with new people?
  • Am I having enough conversations with potential members now?
  • How can I grow my email list so that I make the top of my funnel bigger?

That sounds like I’m asking the right questions and doing the right things, but I’m actually starting to reject those questions.

I think those are a path to a successful launch and bringing in some great new members in January. But that’s not the path I want to take.

The current cohort is 6 weeks into our 12 weeks together. It seems like it’s been much longer and much shorter all at the same time, and the progress has been undeniable.

And instead of getting wrapped up in how I can prepare for a bunch of new members in January, I’m doubling down on the second half of that cohort’s experience. How can I create more and deeper value for everyone already involved? How can I go above and beyond and provide more than anyone expected they would receive?

I’m going to focus on creating more value for the current community. And somehow, I’ll bet that is a much more effective way of attracting enrollment of new members in January.