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When I made the decision to start investing in myself earlier this year, it was because I knew that I wanted to get back out on my own in 2017. It was a pretty squishy, undefined goal without much of a plan of attack.

But I knew I had to get the ball rolling if I was ever going to get there. And so I started by meeting with lots of people, having a lot of conversations, and doing a lot of introspection.

For a few weeks in February, I had an informal standing call with a friend of mine who has been doing his solo project for the last 4 years. At the same time, I was working through a formal 12-week program 1-on-1 with a coach. As the two of them helped me to define what types of skills and work were important to me, things started to take shape.

I played around with some ideas, bounced them off of more friends of mine, and things got a little less fuzzy. Then, one particular conversation in early March really hatched a basic framework for Unreal Collective.

At that point I decided to curate a group to test my assumptions and hypotheses. I would start that group the first of April, I told myself.

But then I got busy at work. Priorities slipped. It wasn’t a good time, things were always changing, and it just seemed daunting. All the while, I was only accountable to myself, so it was easy to let things slide.

Finally, I scraped the resolve together to go for it. Not long after that, I decided I was comfortable leaving my job and going solo full time.

And our first micro-community kicked off in mid-May.

There is a popular business axiom that says that everything takes twice as long and is twice as expensive as you first predict (true). And so it’s important to get the ball rolling and start making steps to whatever you’re working towards.

If you wait for the perfect time, you will always be waiting.

You have a week from today to get the ball rolling with Unreal Collective and start working alongside a community of others invested in your success.

If not now, when?

Learn more: https://unrealcollective.com