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The more that I write, whether for this newsletter, my Linkedin Learning courses, or otherwise, the more I am reminded that good work is made during the editing phase.

The problem is that getting started is the hardest, most daunting part. It’s the part that takes me the longest to do — actually start word vomiting onto a page.

But it’s not reserved to just writing. Getting over the inertia to start anything seems hard and daunting at first — and ultimately it’s almost never the “first draft” that moves the needle.

More and more, I’m trying to just focus on starting so that I give myself the opportunity to “edit.” Whether it’s the mechanical method, refusing to negotiate, or setting deadlines. I have to get the shitty first draft done.

It’s never going to come out just right. The first battle to win is having it come out at all — and then you have a real starting point.