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As I’ve written before, our marketing culture is becoming more and more obsessed with “hacks” for getting a short term result from minimal effort. Growth hacks, marketing hacks, networking hacks, sales hacks…

What’s the shortest line between here and there – regardless of any other implications?

This focus on short term results destroys any likelihood for a meaningful relationship. It sacrifices the ability to earn real trust from someone, which is the core of any relationship (personal or business).

But “hackers” are concerned with growth. You can churn someone out if you’re bringing in two people to replace them.

It reduces people to numbers.

There are no hacks for earning trust. In some cases, you may be gifted with someone’s trust without having earned it. They may give you the benefit of the doubt, and if you’re focused on short term gain, you will almost certainly take advantage of that.

But there are no hacks for earning trust. To earn trust you have to show up day after day and fulfill your brand promise of being worthy of trust. It takes time, effort, and intention.

Trust is the most important asset I’ve built to this point in my life. And if I had been focused on hacking my way to short term gains, I’d have none of it.