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You’ve probably heard that the hottest time for new gym memberships is in January, when people are at the height of their New Year’s resolutions. 

There is something about the “new year, new me” mentality that brings a heightened sense of aspiration. This is my time! This is my year!

Honestly, I love that mentality. And I think you should employ that mentality daily, weekly, or monthly. As the old adage goes — “the best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The second best time is today.”

But making a resolution isn’t enough. It’s just the first step.

A friend of mine, James Clear, references a study that I absolutely love. The study tried to determine what motivates someone to take action on the things they say they want to do.

In 2001, researchers in Great Britain began working with 248 people to build better exercise habits over the course of two weeks. The subjects were divided into three groups.

The first group was the control group. They were simply asked to track how often they exercised.

The second group was the “motivation” group. They were asked not only to track their workouts but also to read some material on the benefits of exercise. The researchers also explained to the group how exercise could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and improve heart health.

Finally, there was the third group. These subjects received the same presentation as the second group, which ensured that they had equal levels of motivation. However, they were also asked to formulate a plan for when and where they would exercise over the following week.

Specifically, each member of the third group completed the following sentence: “During the next week, I will partake in at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE].”

“Or, as the researchers put it, “Motivation … had no significant effects on exercise behavior.”

So what can we take from this study? 

“Motivation” is a myth. Motivation isn’t what accomplishes things — systems and implementation strategies for your intentions are what get things done.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a New Year’s resolution; but taking that resolution and creating a system for implementation is where the rubber hits the road.

And that is where the Unreal Collective accelerator shines. I help you take your intention and build a roadmap and system for implementation.

It’s not your typical accelerator program. It’s all done through weekly video calls and Slack. I’m not here to fund your company and keep an ownership stake. I’m here to put a structure around you to help you reach your goals through 12 weeks of direct help and accountability. You have to do the work, but I’m there every step of the way and very hands on.

And not only am I there every step of the way, but so are a handful of other people like you working towards their own goals. 

If you are a founder or freelancer, this is for you.

If you are ambitious and have a project or intention, this is for you.

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If 2019 is your year, let me help you stack the deck. 

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