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Yesterday I shared some photos on my instagram from my current trip to Ventura, CA.

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Looks pretty cool, right? I’m kicking ass, right?Well, not pictured here are the 2.5 hours I sat on an airplane Sunday night for a flight that got canceled. Not pictured here is the frantic changing of my schedule this week to make this all still work.

Not pictured here is the 3 months of script writing that followed months of initial conversation and contract negotiation. Or the nights and weekends I sacrificed hours of sleep (or fun) to get those scripts done in time for my weekly deadlines.

Not pictured here is the extra gnarly beard and hair that grew about three weeks longer than usual because I felt like I didn’t have any time to spare.

Not pictured here is the other view from my hotel room — the one that shows a giant pretty empty room that I’m inhabiting alone for three days.

My dad texted me last night to ask how I was doing; he said he knew I was “very far away by myself” and wondered how I was.

Truthfully — I’m great. I’m as great as some of these pictures seem to show. But that’s my front lawn, and the backyard is full of sacrifices and insecurities that I don’t show you.

I wouldn’t have my life any other way right now, but this is just a reminder that nothing comes easily or without some sort of sacrifice.

It just depends what you’re willing to tradeoff.