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For the last two days, my daily email didn’t hit your inbox.

In all honesty, I was pretty anxious on Saturday morning knowing that you wouldn’t be receiving an email and not having given any prior warning.

But as I shared on Friday, I don’t want my writing to suck. And lately, my relationship to this writing has been a little strained.

In the conversation with my friends, we looked at some of my options:

  • What if I took a break?
  • What if I wrote weekly like most newsletters?
  • What if I scheduled my emails out further instead of putting pressure on myself to write every day?

It would certainly be easier to write weekly; for weekly newsletters, that’s 52 pieces of content and I’ve already written 160 since starting this newsletter in March.

And getting ahead sounds great in theory, but there are intricacies with how I format the email that makes this kind of tricky (or so I thought).

But with some research and some creativity, I solved the formatting issues. And, after thinking critically and looking at my analytics, I saw that open rates were lower for weekend emails too.

So I made a decision: I will share a piece Monday through Friday.

This gives me the ability to get a little further ahead of my writing, feel less stress on the weekend, and will also help to keep the quality of my writing high.

A lot of the thought process came not only from that conversation in the desert, but also an ABN Analysis (Assets, Boundaries, Narratives) of the work that I do. That turned up a lot of new insights, which I’ll share more about tomorrow.