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A couple of weeks ago, I remember having that feeling of the sky was falling. I was behind on deadlines, new complications came out of nowhere, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get a couple initiatives back on track.

I went for a run, continued pressing on, and operated under the new circumstances until I figured it out. Hoping for things to magically handle themselves doesn’t work very well.

Only two weeks later, it seems like a distant past. Everything is in a great place, all the complications resolved, and I’m moving forward faster than I was before.

I had almost forgotten how frustrated and worried I was at the time, and looking back now, it really wasn’t a big a deal. And my frustration was kind of silly.

You probably have a similar story from the last couple of months, if not weeks or days.

The trick is remembering this feeling — this feeling of, “I’ve felt this before, and I can handle this,” the next time the sky is falling.