I wasn’t chosen

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As Seth Godin’s altMBA was coming to a close, I got a message from one of the program leaders asking if I’d be interested in being a program coach for future classes of students.

My initial reaction was a bit like this. I was pumped!

I immediately thought of all the reasons this would be great.

  • It was perfectly aligned with the work I do
  • I get to meet new, incredible people
  • It’s great practice
  • It’s great social proof
  • It was even paid!

Lock it down. I was going to do that. I quietly celebrated with a couple of close friends.

But first, I would need to take part in two days of activities for the altMBA team to gauge whether I would be a good fit for what they look for in a coach for the program.

So I did that with gusto. I had a different approach it seemed than my peers, but that’s OK. Heck, that could be a good thing!

And after those two days, we were told that we’d be contacted for an interview if it was a fit. So I waited.

And waited.

But I didn’t get a formal interview. I may have an opportunity with future classes, but I wasn’t chosen for one of the very few, competitive spots for this upcoming class.

I’d love a future opportunity and I’d approach it with the same enthusiasm I did here. But the experience was a good reminder of a couple of things:

  1. It’s so emotionally difficult to put my fate in the hands of others to “pick me.” I had forgotten the stomach-twisting pain of wondering and hoping for someone else to decide my fate.
  2. Losing one opportunity opens space for another.

As I wrote yesterday, by saying “yes” to that opportunity, I would have been implicitly saying “no” to another. And by being told no, I am able to say yes to something else in my life. (Since then, I’ve engaged three new coaching clients that I’m excited to spend that time with instead).

I think it’s healthy to get rejected. I also think it’s healthy to look at rejection as a redirected opportunity.

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