I’m embarrassed

In learning, stories by Jay Clouse

As you may know, I’m a pretty avid Facebooker, and have been for a long time. For whatever the reason, Facebook didn’t roll out its Memories/On This Day feature to me until long after most of my friends got it.

Now that I have it, I love using it. Every day I check back and see what I was talking about a year…two years…even seven years ago.

What’s amazing to me is how much I shake my head at myself. Oh, Jay. Oh, you. You were so young. You hardly knew.

In fact, even just thinking back several months, I can see how my thinking and mannerisms have grown and evolved. On a lot of levels, I’m embarrassed by the way I thought and presented myself in the past.

Several months from now, I’ll be embarrassed of this version of Jay.

I love that!

I’m stoked about how much I’m learning, growing, and changing. If I’m not a little bit embarrassed by the previous version of myself, then I’m not pushing myself.

So let’s grab a coffee in a year and talk about how naive I was in June, 2017. We’ll have a good laugh at my expense.

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