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Hiding from your own ideas

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I’ve done a ton of work on the design and content on my websites this week. And I have to say, they’re looking really great. But honestly, I’m pretty angry with myself. I shouldn’t have been spending so much time tweaking and pixel pushing my websites this week. Actually, I had one major goal for myself that I barely even …

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What people don’t tell you about morning routines, time management, and other systems

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Many years ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to my very first productivity tool: Omnifocus. Omnifocus is a really cool piece of software. Even back in 2011, I couldn’t believe how detailed and flexible this tool was! It let me create categories of tasks, tickets for tasks in each category, due dates, updates on the progress of the …

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How to solve a puzzle

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Ever since Mallory and I visited Joshua Tree back in November, we’ve gotten more interested in puzzles – and I’m talking about literal jigsaw puzzles. Over Christmas, we picked out a 1000-piece puzzle and were pretty quickly overwhelmed. When you first look at the box and you see the photo, you think, “Oh wow this is going to be fun!” …

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Lessons Learned in 2019

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For the past couple of years, I’ve published an annual “year in review” looking back on accomplishments of the year and goals for the next. To be honest, it’s a really great exercise to reflect on the past year – accomplishments, successful goals, failed goals, unforeseen opportunities…you get it. When you set goals for the year, and then 12 months …

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People invest in lines, not dots

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In startup circles, there is a classic blog post by Mark Suster titled, “Invest in Lines, Not Dots.” Mark is a venture capitalist based in Los Angeles. His point is pretty simple to understand: When mapped on a graph measuring your company performance over time, a single data point doesn’t tell enough of a story for him to make an …

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Are you willing to wait?

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It’s hard to believe it’s already November! Only two months left in 2019. This is definitely the most comfortable fourth quarter I’ve had over the last three years. The current Unreal Collective Accelerator will wrap up in about three weeks, I’m recording the Linkedin Learning course I’ve been working on mid-November, Eric and I are months ahead of recording for …

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Loosen your grip

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I was a really bad baseball player. I loved baseball, but as soon as kids got good enough to throw a curveball, it was all over for me. I haven’t really thought much about baseball in a long time, but someone brought up the idea of how you grip a bat and it got me thinking. As you get older, …

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Being open before you’re stuck

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I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with friends and clients about being at a fork in the road or transition point. Some of them aren’t even at the crossroads now, but looking down the road knowing that one will be coming. The question has generally been the same: “What path should I take?” The hardest time to make a …