living like a tracker

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One of the podcasts I’ve gotten into lately at the recommendation of my upside cohost, Eric, is Invest Like the Best by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. What I like about this podcast is that besides speaking with obviously great investors, the individuals he interviews have very interesting perspectives on life outside of investing. Recently, he re-ran an episode with Boyd Varty, a …

relationships and infinite games follow up

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I got a lot of great feedback on yesterday’s piece related to relationships and finite/infinite games. A little bit of inside baseball, I realized the terms “finite” and “infinite” games may be new to some folks. I borrowed the phrase from a book by James Carse called, Finite and Infinite Games. The phrases are defined on the cover of the …

relationships and infinite games

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I really can’t overstate the value of relationships. Relationships really make the world go ’round, and they are also (in my opinion) the most fulfilling part of life. I’m blown away by the volume of Linkedin messages and emails I get on a daily basis that jump from zero (I don’t even know this person) to 100 (want to hire …

your apples to their oranges

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There isn’t much that’s more exciting than a new idea. You have that initial excitement of, “Oh wow, this could really work!” But then you start doing research into other people who are doing similar work. First, you find maybe one or two people “but they aren’t doing it this way, so I’m still fine.” Then as you dig deeper, …

holding space

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When I started in undergrad at Ohio State, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (does any 19 year old?) so I joined their Undecided program, which they call “Exploration.” I remember having a discussion with my Exploration Advisor (shout out to Stephanie) who told me, “Exploration isn’t a magic bean. Being in this program …

what do you mean you can’t?

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I take issue with the phrase, “I can’t.” There are a few different meanings behind the phrase, “I can’t:” I am (truly) physically/mentally/emotionally unable I believe I am physically/mentally/emotionally unable I have a conflict and I refuse to prioritize this I have no conflict I just don’t want to In the case of meaning #1, the phrase “I can’t” is acceptable. …

protecting myself from myself

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You probably know what it’s like to feel like you’re seeing opportunity all the time. Maybe it’s your own idea, or someone else bringing you an opportunity, but it seems like when we’re open to it, opportunity is surrounding us. But every time we say yes to an opportunity, we’re implicitly saying no to another. So if you’re like me, …

are you overvaluing cash?

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One of the biggest traps I fall into as both a solopreneur and operator is hoarding my cash like a squirrel saving its nuts for winter. When I’m worried about cash flow, it’s easy to get into a scarcity mindset and do everything I can to protect what I have. And that usually comes with trying to do everything myself …


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There isn’t much people enjoy getting more than appreciation. It doesn’t cost you anything to give, neither time nor money, and it’s virtually impossible to give too much of it. Hey, thank you for ____. I noticed you did ____, and I really appreciate that. With such a powerful gift at the ready at all times, why not give more?

Robin Williams performed Shakespeare

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A couple weeks ago, I went on a real Robin Williams biographical binge. I listened to podcasts before and after his death, watched interviews on YouTube, and watched the new HBO Documentary Come Inside My Mind. It was all fascinating to me — I think I’ve written about my interest in comedy and entertainment enough I don’t need to dive …