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be the client you want to see in the world

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Between my junior and senior year of college, I decided it was time for me to get some experience in the service industry. Well, to be totally honest, the two (very different) internships I applied for at Bridgewater Capital and MNML Design Studio both fell through in the eleventh hour. So, I decided to learn to bartend and serve for …

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the hidden danger of negative thoughts

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably seen me reference the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, otherwise known as selective attention. It’s why you notice other people wearing your coat, someone driving a car that’s the same model as yours, or ads targeting something you were just talking about. We prime our own brains to pay closer attention to …

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recapping SXSW 2019

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Last week I flew to Austin, Texas, for my fourth SXSW Festival. If you’ve never been to South-By before, it’s described on their website as “The South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference & Festivals celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries.” All things considered, it’s one of my favorite events. For a few days, Austin becomes a center …

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on the cusp

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I’ve felt a strange sense that’s been getting stronger and stronger over the last few months. It’s hard to put a name to it, but I’d describe it as the feeling of being on the cusp. It just feels like the work I’ve been doing for the past several months have landed me near the doorstep of some sort of …

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experience ladders: why YOU are right for the job

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A common theme that has come up in conversations this week in the Unreal Collective community is the struggle with self deprecating thoughts and head trash. We are our own worst enemies. I think it’s a cultural thing — part of where our society is right now. When we see beautiful highight reels on social media showing all the COOL stuff …