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make every day Thanksgiving

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Today is awesome. You will be surrounded with people you love, you will eat and eat and eat, you will receive unprovoked messages of gratitude, and you may even send some of those messages yourself. Take special note of the feeling you get today when you tell someone you’re thankful for their love and friendship. Take special note of the …

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your personal unfair advantage

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Life isn’t fair. It’s one of those clichés you hear over and over again, and a tenet that you’ve probably experienced firsthand. But the unfairness of life is precisely what can lead to success and growth. When the unfairness of life plays to your advantage, you’re suddenly faced with opportunity you may not have noticed before and may not be available to …

what is your Olympic focus?

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Every four years, I’m reminded of how amazing watching the Olympics is. The shared nationalism and pride in stark contrast to the current divisiveness of the political landscape, the pure joy of watching others accomplish their dreams, story after story of individuals making sacrifice in pursuit of a greater goal… I’m also suddenly aware of how incredibly short-sighted I tend to be. Hell, I’ve …

the last 10 percent

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Probably the most referenced quote from Steve Jobs, one of the most referenced individuals of our lifetime, is regarding our role and potential in life. I won’t paraphrase it, just take two minutes and listen if you aren’t familiar. As much as I love to be contrarian, there are some references that are so good that they transcend my stubbornness. This is one of them. …

Going back to Startup University

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At some point in my early twenties, I finally began valuing education. I wish I could pinpoint a point in time when my mindshift towards learning occurred, but honestly I can’t. Things always came pretty easily to me growing up and going through public school. Without experiencing much difficulty, I just didn’t take learning very seriously. During the period of my …

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6 keys for making and keeping friends

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At this point in my life, I am convinced that there is nothing more sacred and important than interpersonal relationships. Family, friendships, and romantic relationships. I doubt much convincing is necessary here, but all roads lead to relationships: People who want power are hungry for acceptance and validation within their relationships People who want fame are hungry for acceptance and validation within their relationships …

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the best way to find a mentor

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A question I’m frequently asked is, “how do you find a mentor?” It’s a pretty innocuous question, and it’s almost always asked with the best of intentions. But I hate it. I don’t look for mentors. To ask how I find a mentor is to assume some sort of search, which I’ve never really done. Don’t get me wrong, I think mentorship is extremely important and I’ve …

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how to win Columbus Startup Week

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For the second consecutive year, Columbus will host Startup Week: five full days of programming to celebrate the city, its businesses, and its inhabitants. This is a big deal. Frankly, life is often about who you know with what you know being secondary – at least in the immediate term. Columbus Startup Week is your chance to have access to some of …

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don’t talk shit

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It’s impossible to please everyone. There’s no real reason to try and please everyone, because for every one person you please you are by default going to upset someone else. Besides that, there are going to be plenty of people you don’t like. Why make an effort to please them? No real reason to do that either. But to deliberately make an effort to upset someone is not …

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my first podcast feat. David Sherry

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I need your help. It wasn’t long ago that the most overused phrase was, “There’s an app for that.” Lately, it seems that the new trend has been podcasts: everybody has a ‘great’ podcast idea, and everybody has something to say. I am no different. Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly obvious to me that the most important part of …