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Chances are that you have today off to celebrate Labor Day. Thats ~16 waking hours that you can use at your full discretion that you wouldn’t normally have today.

That’s a pretty awesome gift. You could spend that time making progress on a personal project, preparing for your week, spending time with friends or family you rarely get to see, reading a book, or any number of countless possibilities.

Think back to the last time you said, “I wish I had the time to…” or “I just don’t have time to…” What could you do today that you believe you don’t have the time to do?

Or you could think of this as a regular “Sunday.” Maybe you thought of yesterday as a “Saturday” and did what you’d typically do on a Saturday. You could have another Sunday Funday and get yourself right back into the pattern of your normal week.

There’s merit and benefit to recharging your batteries. Maybe that’s what recharging your battery looks like for you!

But if you are just doing the same thing to pass the time, and you know that you’ll wish you had more time to do [thing] in the coming days or weeks, why not do that [thing] today?

PS: I honestly didn’t know what Labor Day was until writing this. Here’s the wiki.