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About a week ago, I was on the verge of splurging on some Jeni’s Ice Cream. (If you’re not familiar with Jeni’s, it’s the tastiest stuff on the planet).

As I was about to make good on this plan for Jeni’s, my buddy Clay made an excellent point: Why spend $5 on three scoops of Jeni’s when I could spend $5 on a whole gallon of ice cream at Kroger?

Off we went. And shortly thereafter, I went home with two half-gallon containers of Kroger-brand ice cream.

In the last week, I’ve demolished that entire gallon of ice cream. I’m not even a big ice cream guy! But having it around and accessible has meant a bowl of ice cream every night.

In doing so, I’ve simultaneously lowered my self control, gained weight, and diminished my own enjoyment of ice cream.

Sometimes less is more. It’s cliche for a reason.