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I fell into a trap this weekend.

As I was rebuilding my website, I did a lot of looking at the websites and product offerings of other people in my space. I listened to podcasts, watched webinars, and read articles.

And as I got deeper and deeper into what this entrepreneur offers, this other business model, how this individual exploded his email list or became YouTube famous, I got more and more frustrated.

How did this 23-year old make it look so easy? Should I be putting all my time into hustling video content? Should I change my model completely? How will I ever compete with some of these guys? Why haven’t I published a book yet?

Then I overheard a conversation at the coffee shop of a guy who was working on a project with Kevin Durant. How can I work with athletes or celebrities?

It was kind of a dark, anxious afternoon fueled by a caffeine / water imbalance.

But, as I have been able to do up to this point, I took a step back and remembered to focus on my business and not someone else’s.

There will always be competitors and other people doing work similar to (and maybe better than) mine. And there will be people doing completely different work that makes me question where I’m spending my time entirely. And if I focus on someone else’s business, I’ll completely spin out and implode.

So I got back to work minding my own business. I stole the aspects I liked and followed my gut on the rest. I’m moving forward and getting stronger every day.

If you don’t mind your own business, you’ll find yourself without a business at all.