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I need your help.

It wasn’t long ago that the most overused phrase was, “There’s an app for that.” Lately, it seems that the new trend has been podcasts: everybody has a ‘great’ podcast idea, and everybody has something to say.

I am no different.

Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly obvious to me that the most important part of my life is my relationship with people. I’m lucky enough that I’ve met and become friends with incredible people doing amazing things in Columbus, across Ohio, across the nation, and even internationally.

The conversations I get into with these people are so interesting and have been so transformative for me personally that I want to share them. The insight and personal growth possible should not be limited to me.

Throughout history, people have leaned on mentors and people who have “been there, done that” to learn about various topics, glean insight from the experienced, and short-cut around potential dangers. Even more primitive than that, the oldest art form in the world is storytelling, whether for entertainment or otherwise.

And that is the great thing about podcasts. These conversations are suddenly open and can be enjoyed by a broad audience. Even when I’m involved in a conversation in real life, I love being a fly on the wall and learning from the other parties as they talk.

I love writing here, and I’m going to continue to do so. But my voice, experiences, and perspective are only one data point. I’ve met so many people with varying experiences and perspectives that have had a profound impact on my own, whether we aligned or not. Their voices are just as, if not more, important as mine and I want to share that access with you.

Here’s where I need your help.

I want you to co-create this podcast with me. Everything is on the table:

  • Guests
  • Duration
  • Format
  • Questions asked
  • Frequency of production
  • Production quality
  • Whether or not to include show notes
  • Title
  • Even the cover image

I promise to deliver to you:

  1. People that I find interesting and I believe have a good perspective to share
  2. The very best interviewing I can perform (meaning I’ll mostly shut up)

For this first episode, I just wanted to get out a very bare-bones version of what I’ve envisioned. Disclaimers:

  • The audio quality isn’t phenomenal (I recorded this as in iPhone voice memo)
  • There is no recorded introduction
  • I have no show notes
  • The cover image was slapped together
  • I have no real title at this time

I’m shipping this with low production quality because I want to see if there is interest, and in what way. Before I bury myself in polishing everything, I want to test the concept and see if anyone cares.

Please give me feedback. Did you listen to all or most of it? If not, when did you drop off and why? What did you enjoy? What could improve? Don’t pull any punches – feedback of all sorts is a gift that I will happily receive. This would help me tremendously.

So without further ado, my first guest and a close friend: David Sherry.

David is the founder of Death to the Stock Photo, a lifestyle image resource for dreamers and doers smashing the mold. You can sign up for a free monthly photo pack at the link above.

Death to the Stock Photo was started in 2013 and is completely bootstrapped with David’s blood, sweat, and tears. Within months of starting this monthly photo subscription service, David built an initial audience of 20,000+. Now, that number is in the hundreds of thousands.

Please enjoy my interview with David where I learn more about what makes him tick, and even better, where he finds sources of growth and inspiration.

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