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I had a really sweet deal.

By random chance, the gym I worked at while I was in college was across the street from my current apartment. When I moved in, I weaseled my way into a free membership, which I’ve enjoyed for the past couple of years.

But about two months ago, the gym closed. And I’m upset about it.

I’m upset because it will be near impossible to match the cost, and unless a new gym opens nearby, there are no closer options either!

And so, almost out of spite, I’ve refused to join a new gym.

Meanwhile, even though I’ve continued to run outdoors, I’ve lost a lot of muscle from missing out on weight lifting.

Isn’t that absurd? What do I expect my stubbornness to accomplish? Do I think that not joining another gym will convince the owner (or the inanimate object) to reopen? Do I expect some other entity to swoop in and open a new gym I can attend for free because of my behavior?

The gym closed. It happened. There’s no reason to dwell on it, and bitterly moping around about it isn’t going to help the situation. I should take this new circumstance, evaluate my options, and take steps forward.