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I meet a lot of people who vehemently disapprove of dating apps. The arguments are all about the same.

You can just swipe past people so quickly.

It’s so dismissive.

You don’t even know this person and you’re just judging them, often on a single photo.

Why can’t you just meet people in real life?

It really shouldn’t be surprising that we not only engage in this behavior, but we enjoy doing it. Some spend hours doing it. What’s more, it was so easy to grasp and start doing.

Maybe because it’s not new behavior.

Consider a typical “networking” event. What is the draw? A multitude of people looking to meet other people. A multitude of people who dress a certain way, know the importance of a first impression, and try to put their best foot forward.

When an interaction takes place (i.e. when we “match”) typically the same question comes up.

So what do you do?

This question has become the bio to our real life “profile image.” In combination of your appearance and what we can gather about your background quickly, we make snap judgments on whether or not we like you, whether we trust you, and whether we continue the conversation.

At the end of the day, the goal of networking and dating apps are the same – creating meaningful connections. It’s a shame how many potential connections are swiped left.

Want to form connections more quickly and skip past, “What do you do?” I recommend asking this question instead.