“Your daily newsletter is one of a few emails I look forward to.”
“One of a few emails I look forward to.”

I love hearing this, and I’m lucky to hear it a lot.

My writing combines a transparent look at how I’m building my business with proven techniques for developing your own knowledge and skills.

You are closer to achieving your goals than you think. It could be growing your business, launching a business, starting a project, or just creating better habits. I help you grow and think differently.

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Some nice things people have said about the daily.

“I love your emails, and that that’s an accomplishment because I hate newsletters. Your emails are the only newsletter I receive more than once a month and the first thing I read in the morning.” – Megan H.

“No one has has ever said, ‘I don’t get enough email.’ But Jay’s daily newsletter is one of a few emails I look forward to getting. His notes are thought provoking, honest, and actionable.” – Sean O.

“Jay brings a perspective to life that’s fresh and exciting. He writes about his work, his accomplishments, failures, and journey. It’s a daily boost of inspiration and motivation.” – Andrew P.

“I’ve been receiving your emails for a few months now and I find myself reading them every day. Love reading the short narrative on your thoughts and experiences before I dive in on the day to day.” – Steve S.

“There’s something about Jay’s message that makes you feel he’s right there with you. Kind of like that trainer who’s not just encouraging you to do the reps, or push yourself that last mile, but actually right there next to you, doing the work with you. In his newsletters, I find wisdom, honesty and encouragement to keep going. I encourage anyone who needs to find someone to keep herself on course to seek Jay out and get started doing the work that will help her make the difference she wants to make.” – Chrissanne L.

“Really appreciate your authenticity in your emails. It’s very refreshing to see at least one regular content source that has a much more realistic approach than the normal “I have life 100% figured out. I’m so successful. Do this and this and this and you’ll be successful like me” inspirational pieces. So, thank you.” – Rosemary G.