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    "I get a lot of emails that I never open. Creative Companion is NOT one of those. Not only do I open every edition, I read it, absorb it, and act on it. Because of Creative Companion I’ve changed the way I structure my days (more efficient now!), I communicate more clearly, and I’ve grown as a leader." – Val, copywriter

    "Reading about Jay’s journey helps me see my own with greater perspective. I value reading about the challenges that we have in common and I love when Jay shares ideas that I can apply to my own work!" – Michael, musician

    "Creative Companion tends to illustrate many of the struggles I’m working through. I find the content extremely relatable. I feel that it not only provides a good assessment of common roadblocks, but almost always provides an actionable option towards overcoming those obstacles and moving closer towards your goal. Jay very often relates the content to something he has worked on, or is currently working on, and I feel that’s what sets his work apart. I’ve also been subscribed for quite a while, so it’s been particularly enjoyable to follow along with his progress and see how his projects develop." – Alek, product enthusiast

    "Creative Companion helps me to question how I do business and interact with clients. Jay is always giving to other people and it's easy to have a direct relationship with him through replying to his newsletter. I haven't met many people as thought out as Jay: he's a more-accessible-Seth-Godin." – Nathan, web designer

    "Creative Companion is a great weekly touchpoint...Sometimes it is a refresher, sometimes it is a reminder, sometimes it is a new perspective...It's always relevant." – Chelsea, ecosystem connector

    "Creative Companion has given me confidence as I transition to become a freelancer. There's real tangible tips every Sunday that I look forward to without being too salesy." – Jackie, email strategist

    "Creative Companion helps me feel less alone on the freelance journey." – Jennifer, freelancer

    "Jay always has a way or writing about a relevant topic from a new perspective. He tells a story to both correctly describe the problem and provide a potential solution. His writing makes difficult topics easy to digest." – Jeremy, entrepreneur

    "Creative Companion helps me think about my own writing and how to connect with my audience, and it gives me great food for thought about growing and managing my business. I love the subject lines (they catch my attention and I actually want to open them), and I find your newsletter one of the very few worth reading." – Alexis, entrepreneur

    "I’ve been a freelancer for 3 years now. I love Jay’s writing. For some spooky reason (!) he often picks topics which are at the forefront of my mind. His wisdom and clarity help my own thought processes. He is open and transparent about business and is realistic yet inspiring about the realities of self employment. Jay is a trusted voice and I appreciate his work." – Caroline, online creator

    "I appreciate how Jay shares his wins and losses as he builds his businesses. Creative Companion helps me stay motivated about building a career in a new industry after working for years in a space that wasn’t right for me." – Luke, software engineer

    "I think you do a great job of sharing and regurgitating what you've learned and it obviously comes from passion. I've been lucky to find many passions in my life, but if there's one common thread among all of the passions I've procured, I'd say it's learning. With you, it seems that your approach to entrepreneurship, coaching, and content is unique from what I'm picking up the other 99% of the time. It seems like you've highly integrated emerging technology and to a degree, sociology and psychology to your method. I'm definitely studying what you publish." – Zach, aspiring entrepreneur

    "It’s real. You don’t put on airs. It’s just you. There’s some vulnerability. It’s action oriented. Not too complicated. Ideas I can immediately implement. And, there is brevity to it. You don’t humble brag. The way you write seems like you genuinely want to help people...and not just help yourself.’s only once a week." – Mick, entrepreneur

    "I look forward to reading Creative Companion because it's like a fresh cup of tea for my freelance soul every Sunday. The value it provides me is unparalleled to many other newsletters I subscribe to, and Jay always injects new insights into my week that I hadn't thought about previously. It inspires me to take action." – Jenni, graphic designer

    "It's the very simple (and subtle) inspiration that gets me. 'You should do this. You CAN do this. Here's a story...' So I can skim and just see what motivates me or would get me motivated. I've told you this before, but I get confidence after reading these emails that there is a whole other world out there whereby I can value my time as an independent contractor building on the tapestry of experience I've somehow accumulated over time. Thanks for that!" – Eric, ecosystem builder

    "FUNNY GIFS!!! Creative Companion helps me ask the important questions and take serious steps to small wins – your emails are really targeted and actionable (like the one about getting 2020 clients to sign on early in December, you even provided an email template, that was killer!)" – Michael, writer

    "Jay's newsletter delivers an amazing combination of personal experience and professional insight through engaging storytelling. It's a great read that likes to get straight to the point. If you like learning first hand from people doing the work on the front lines, you'll love Creative Companion." – Jacob, copywriter

    "WIP helps me consider different business ideas or hear a different take on a concept I may have heard before. I open the emails because I know it's going to be quality content every time." – Annette, graphic designer