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There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Of that 7 billion, there is some small (but significant) percentage who experience similar situations to you on a daily basis.

They notice the same problems, see the same trends, and will consider possible solutions.

The reality is, no idea is unique. It is out there somewhere in the ether, being mulled around, considered, and often acted upon.

But you are original. And your approach may be unique. And the team you can build may be unique.

It may come down to first to market, or how many players the market can sustain, and what exactly your market is. A new brewery may explode in a small rural town, but just join the noise in a major metro.

A type of snack may be commonplace in Japan, but not yet introduced in Canada.

Chances are, your idea will come to exist with or without you. What are you waiting for?