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Have you ever heard the phrase, “The Cobbler’s kids have no shoes?” It perfectly encapsulates reality for so many of us who work with clients.

We do AWESOME work for other people – but when it comes to our own assets, we fall flat.

You see it with designers who haven’t put time into their own brand. Or copywriters who haven’t rewritten their website or email content for years. And, frankly, we could all probably update our website.

The issue is time. WE were our first client – but our other clients are paying us right now, so we better tend to them first.

And the cycle never ends – we start new client projects, and we focus on them instead of ourselves. Over and over.

“I know I need to [fill in the blank], but I just don’t have time…”

Well we are in some uncharted territory these days. As we all hold our wallets a little bit tighter, answer emails a little bit slower, and generally hunker down to wait this out, it’s clear that we’re going to have a little more time on our hands.

Think about the things you just didn’t have the time for – now is the time.

PS: How are you doing? Sincerely, I’d love to hear how you’re holding up and how the COVID-19 crisis is (or isn’t) affecting you. Comment below – let’s chat about it.