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Yesterday I shared the experience of honing an elevator pitch. Inherent in that process was the constant preface of, “I’m going to…” or “I will be…”

I’m a less talk / more action type of guy. It’s the Startup Weekend motto. And spending months answering the question, “What do you do?” with those qualifiers brought me physical pain every time.

In fact, often when someone asked me, “What do you do?” I sidestepped, smiled like an idiot, and proclaimed, “I don’t!”

But one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced was the psychological shift when my response changed from “I’m going to curate and facilitate micro communities…” to “I curate and facilitate micro communities.”

That seemingly small change from, “I’m going to be doing this thing” to “I am DOING this thing” is incredibly gratifying and relieving. No more imposter syndrome or feeling like I was propping up my answer on something that didn’t yet exist.

But, it was easier said then done.