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Yesterday I wrote about my recent focus on pacing and how to best utilize my energy. As with most of my viewpoints, there’s another side to the coin.

There are very few things that are truly binary or black and white…and so I wanted to share the nagging counterpoint I hear when I telling myself to focus on pace and rest during low-energy time periods.

It’s a pretty simple argument:

A day of rest is a day you delay reaching your goal.

Sometimes it’s more specific than that — some days it’s, “A day of rest is another day that you’re poor.”

But I’m not poor. And there is no real “finish line” — I’m playing an infinite game.

On the other hand…it does stand to reason that if I don’t work to build the machine today, I’m just burning resources.

Welcome to my inner monologue. You can listen to whichever side you’d like (or maybe you have your own counterpoint) but this is one of my daily battles.

Try and “play smarter” to pace myself and maximize my energy for efficiency?


Try and be superman, ignore pacing, and maximize pure output per over a period of time?

Most days, I know I’m not superman. But again, it’s about “picking your spots” and that just requires a ton of self-discipline.