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One of the threats of being a dedicated learner is that I’m constantly surrounded by people who are operating at a higher level than I am.

For example, I follow over a dozen writers, community builders, digital product creators, and service providers. Every week I see them launching products, sending beautiful email sequences, holding webinars, and more.

How do these guys do it all?

Every piece of their process seems so perfectly planned, so polished, and just very well done overall.

But the people I look to are all much further ahead and have put years into their processes. Today I built a MailChimp automation and started improving the guidelines, onboarding, and available channels in the Unreal Collective Slack community.

Those are all small steps, but they are necessary pieces of the overall vision I’m working towards. And now that they are in place, I won’t have to touch them again for the foreseeable future.

It’s called “building” for a reason when you’re working on a project or business. The time and effort you put in stands upon and adds to the work before it. You are putting it together piece by piece and someday the whole will loom large.

When you’re building anything, it becomes an exercise in patience and celebrating the small steps or wins along the way. Be proud of what you’ve built so far, and get ready to get back to work today.