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Yesterday I served on a panel at a local venture development company, Rev1 Ventures. The topic of the panel was Startup Weekend, which is a 54-hour community event that teaches attendees the basics of starting a company.

I’ve organized dozens of events since 2012 and I’ve seen literally thousands of people go through the experience. The event had a massive effect on my life, and completely changing the trajectory of my work.

Near the end of the discussion, the moderator, Matt, asked me what I would say to folks who are considering attending the event but have a hurdle of hesitation or fear to get over.

“That fear or hesitation itself is the exact reason why you should jump over that hurdle and go to Startup Weekend. That fear is a sign of discomfort, and an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you aren’t making yourself uncomfortable, you aren’t going to grow.”

If you’re feeling stuck or uncomfortable about your next move, it’s likely that your best option is the exact move that is giving you that discomfort.