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I had pretty high hopes for this creative retreat to Detroit – maybe even unrealistically so.

But as I shared yesterday, some unexpected circumstances came up and curbed my experience a little bit in the form of flat tires. And so, there was a bit of a damper on the weekend, despite a generally even-keeled emotional response to the situation.

So what did I get done?

Well, I spent a good bit of Saturday evening after our arrival doing some client work – creating some email content for a sales funnel (this was prior the tire incident). I also finalized some plans and timelines for marketing the Unreal Collective session beginning in January, including engaging a Facebook ads specialist (which I’m super pumped about).

Sunday I spent some time exploring different variations of the messaging on my home page and playing around with the CSS on my site. While I’m now happy with the way block quotes look on my blog and I cleaned up some font size inconsistencies, these tasks were mostly hiding from the real work that I set out to do.

Later on Sunday, I began writing the outline and concepts behind a book/resource I want to create around building a personal brand. This is probably my most productive work that was facilitated by the open time and space…and I’m glad I was able to dig into this some.

Additionally, I scheduled two upcoming Unreal Collective Member Spotlight workshops centered around a method of finance planning for freelancers and decorating your space to fit your unique style. (These will be led by members of Unreal, and I’ll share more soon).

Then, I hid behind the busy work of checking off small tasks/wins that have been sitting on my to do list for a long time.

Monday I spent the morning running logistics for getting my car towed to a shop and the tires replaced. In the afternoon, I dove deeper into the research on personal branding, thought more deeply about the structure of this resource and accompanying course, and then completely questioned whether I was spending my time wisely – eventually facing a dark night of the soul.

In writing this out, it looks like a fair amount of progress and it’s tempting to say, “Look at all the great things I did!”

But I’ll be honest, it really didn’t feel like it.

It felt more like circling around on different ideas, hiding from the actual work I wanted to do, and tabling more ideas than actually progressing on them. Maybe that simplification is actually be a good thing.

The last thing I got started, which I decided to sleep on and refine today, is a short Typeform survey I’ll share with you tomorrow.

Before I dive deep into creating any one thing, I want to get a better feel for what YOU are interested in and where you are in your own journey. So please keep an eye out for that tomorrow, and if you can share a few minutes to respond, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Did you take part in the weekend challenge? If so, shoot me a response and let me know how things went for you!