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A lot of folks I talk to (or talk at, in the case of these emails) have an interest or desire to start their own projects, build a business, and/or become an entrepreneur someday. But many people tell me they don’t have “their big idea” yet.

Let me just say that I totally relate to that sentiment. In fact, despite Unreal Collective humming along right now, I still wouldn’t say I’m working on “my big idea” yet either. Maybe it’s naiveté or misplaced expectations, but I’m still waiting on the “you’ll know it when you see it”-type experience with “my big idea.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start building now. There are a ton of aspects to a business or project that you can start building right now, including:

  • Strong personal relationships
  • The ability to exhibit agency
  • Good will among others
  • Industry or domain knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Independent thinking and ideas

If you had your big idea but you were lacking in the above, you’d have just as hard of a time getting started than you do without having the idea itself.

It’s never too early to lay the foundation of a new project or business. And, if you never truly start a big project or business, I can promise that effort still won’t go to waste.