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Yesterday, my cousin Mike asked if I would be open to an introduction to a friend of his. Of course, I would be more than happy to meet someone who was close to my cousin!

After I told Mike that he was best served introducing us via email, I ended my message with, “Thanks for the connection!”

I hung on that sentence for a minute.

Here I was, thanking my cousin (who I only recently got closer to, after realizing we both lived in Columbus and had several shared interested) for ‘connecting’ me to a relative stranger. In fact, the ‘connection’ was only truly a bridge.

Thanks for the bridge!

Thanks for the warm, inbound lead!

But instead I instinctively said, “Thanks for the connection!” to my own flesh and blood who I haven’t adequately expressed appreciation for.

Of course, the irony is that connection is one of the most rare and precious experiences we can share with someone. And unfortunately, I rarely thank someone for that.

So, from me to you…thanks for the connection.