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Some of the stongest driving forces in of our lives are the habits we’ve formed. I know that isn’t a revelation, but it’s undeniable and worth revisiting from time to time.

So I’m going to share some of the habits I’ve formed, habits I’m trying to form, and habits I’m trying to break. I invite you to reflect in the same way and start the month with some intention.

Cutting out booze

In the month of April, I took on a 30 day challenge (really a 36 day challenge) to give up drinking. It went incredibly well, and I can honestly say that since the beginning of April, I’ve drank very infrequently and expect that to continue.

The benefits are pretty obvious: money saved, weight lost, time regained, better sleep, and generally feeling better. It’s a no brainer.

Waking up early

For another couple of months, I’ve been waking up at 6am nearly every day. That may not sound impressive, but I’ve never been a morning person. I owe this habit to a friend of mine, Lucas La Tour, who started a wakeup call service.

Lucas calls me every morning at 6am and talks to me until I transition from waking up to getting up. Without this nudge, I wouldn’t have been able to change my behavior enough to become habit. You can have Lucas call you too.


I’ve been going to the gym regularly since high school. However, I’ve chronically avoided cardio and leg day.

In the month of May, I took on a 30 day challenge to run an average of 2 miles per day. Unfortunately I fell a couple of miles short due to knee fatigue, but it instilled a desire to run almost every day. My energy is up, I’m in better shape, and it puts me in an awesome state of mind.


This is my biggest upcoming project. As an entrepreneur, cash is king. And though I’ve cut back my booze spend, I spend way too much money at restaurants.

This month I intend to buy groceries and tighten the purse strings. I need to learn to cook and expand my repertoire for quick and healthy meals.

I want you to join me in starting a new habit this month. In April and May, I ran a public 30 Day Challenge and I’m doing the same in June. 

These challenges work and can keep you accountable to your goals. Just check out what past participants say (spoiler: it’s rated 9/10).

What’s stopping you? It’s free, and if you can’t think of a challenge, I recommend waking up early – Lucas can help.

Over 40 challenges have been done so far, and I’ll leave you with a quote from a May participant:

“I thought this idea worked very well, and most people would be able to sustain the habit after the 30 days…Over a year’s worth of changes could be huge. I personally made the spreadsheet my homepage which kept the pressure on me to sustain the behavior I was working towards.”

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